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Increase sales and reduce costs with PowerEPOS's fast and intuitive on-premise Point of Sale system. WaiterPOS can help your business to make more money.
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Choosing the right point of sale system for your business

WaiterPOS, our on-premise hosted POS solution, has everything you need to run a successful business, from multiple payment options to secure permission-based access and granular reporting where and when you need it.


Discounts & Adjustments

Easily adjust pricing & total amount payable

From discount promotions to modified pricing deals, increase or decrease the total amount payable using our comprehensive WaiterPOS adjustment system.


Increase return visits & spend

Set up discounts and promotions such as happy hour, percentage off, group discounts and more.


Make sure you’re covered

Don't forget to set up your surcharging! Easily set up rates and dates in advance, through your POS or back-office, and make sure your business is covered during busy times.


Multiple Operating Modes

Flexible operating modes

Choose from Retail, Bar, Table, Bistro, Tab, Takeaway or Delivery modes.


Seamlessly switch between modes

Move between modes as customers move throughout your venue to order from different areas or change operating modes (e.g. move from bar to table service) as your venue changes service type to accommodate customers and patrons.


Insights Analytics & Reporting

Keep informed on-the-go

Insights live cloud-based analytics and reporting, is available for WaiterPOS version 8 and above. It provides enhanced business visibility and access to your data 24/7, especially useful when you can't be there. 


Any desktop or device

Insights can be accessed through a browser, or through the app downloaded from your favourite app store, which makes it available on any desktop or mobile device.


Make better business decisions

Through rich graphical charts, predefined dashboards and reports, and a wide range of filtering options, comparing site trends, identifying your top-performing staff and products, and tracking profitability, is always accessible with an internet or data connection. 


Secure & Reliable

Always on

WaiterPOS is not reliant on a single terminal, server or internet connection to maintain information and will not revert to 'offline mode' if there are network disruptions. This means your system will continue to operate, without loss of functionality or data, if a POS terminal is turned off,  the server goes 'kaput', or if the internet is slow or goes down completely.


Secure & reliable backups

Master and back up copies of all sales, table and tab information are stored on each POS terminal.


Inter-dependent POS network

POS terminals send orders to ethernet printers independently, never relying on any one terminal or local printer.


Permissions & Accountability

Multiple secure access options

Secure your POS and limit access by pin number, Radio Frequency (RF) ID tag, fob key or swipe card.


Permission groups limit access

Permission groups based on job types and security levels, such as Manager or Supervisor, prevent access to selected buttons, certain functions and screens. 


Track every transaction in full detail

Your WaiterPOS journal records every transaction in full detail allowing you to investigate and resolve issues and discrepancies, find old orders, track sales, and much more.


Advanced Table Management

Interactive floor plans on POS

Easily replicate your floor plan on your POS screen for easy access. Include additional floors and rooms with our single or multiple table layouts options.


Table management at-a-glance

Know the stage of every table by our colour-coded key indicating open, closed, inactive, reserved or bill printed stages.


Improve customer service.

Split bills by item, subtotal or seat number, move tables or move items to another table through your POS when requested, or create multiple bills per single table.

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Find out what our customers have to say

Our business management systems and support are making our customers’ lives less complicated and their businesses more successful. But don’t just take our word for it - find out what our customers Europe wide are saying.


Searcys, London

“PowerEPOS are everything we want in a supplier – their expertise, reliable solutions and ongoing commitment to service excellence is key to us as we re-open sites, handle changes and allows us to concentrate on the customer.  We know that if hardware breaks, VAT rates change or we need talk to an expert PowerEPOS are always there for us" 

Paul Hope, Head of Technology at Searcys


Fabric Nightclub, London

"We work with a lot of suppliers and PowerEPOS are one of the few contractors who make you feel that they really value your business. Jeremy, our main contact, is an absolute legend. If I send an email about something in the morning, it’s done by that night."


Deep Blue Restaurants

“PowerEPOS have grown with us as we have grown as a business. They keep on top of broader hospitality industry trends so they understand what our business is going to need in the future. Technology has changed at an expediential rate and continues to. I need to have the confidence that my EPOS supplier’s software will continue to integrate with the other software that I use in my business as this becomes more and more sophisticated.”

James Low - CEO Deep Blue Restaurants