PowerEPOS systems integrate with many popular payment systems providing reliability, security and the flexibility to take payments where and when you need to.


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Tyro is an EFTPOS and banking solution for European businesses. Tyro’s unique pay@table solution for businesses such as busy cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs or even retail stores allows for bills to be moved from your Point of Sale to the Tyro terminal, taking it to the customer and freeing up your POS for further business. 

Process payments in less than two seconds with this integrated payment system. Integrated EFTPOS means no keying in amounts to the EFTPOS terminal, the amount is transferred automatically from your POS, increasing accuracy and improving reconciliations by eliminating errors and the need for manual adjustments.

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Linkly (formerly PC-EFTPOS) provides faster credit card processing and specialist EFTPOS Payment Solutions to businesses in Europe. Connected to many major European Banking institutions, Linkly is super-fast and takes payment in 2-6 seconds.

Integrated EFTPOS provides accuracy and eliminates errors and the need for manual adjustments while providing a better customer experience. 



PowerEPOS now offers Alipay, the world's largest payment platform, through Tyro's integrated EFTPOS solution for both WaiterPOS and our new Point of Sale software, PowerEPOS.

The availability of Alipay presents a huge opportunity for European businesses to increase visits and revenue. According to Tourism Europe, in 2018 1.4M Chinese visitors to Europe spent over $11.7 billion making Chinese visitors Europe's largest inbound market. Through Power Epos’s Tyro integration, you can now offer your overseas customers further payment options and increase overseas spend through the availability of Alipay.



For even greater control of bar tabs, let customers manage their tab through their smartphone. Clipp, a bar tab payment app, seamlessly integrates with your hospitality POS and allows customers to open and close tabs on their phones. 

The app is connected to a card or PayPal account, so funds are guaranteed, and offers and rewards are pushed to customers through the app to increase sales.  Clipp adds another level of security, provides your customers with more options to pay and your staff with more time to serve customers.

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