Point of Sale
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Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Our full-featured and scalable retail and hospitality Point of Sale system is developed and built in-house and integrates with many software packages and apps to improve workflows and accuracy while decreasing admin time.

Some of our most popular integrations include:

  • MYOB to streamline accounts and inventory

  • ResDiary to manage your venue reservations and availability



Doshii is a middleman platform which allows our POS to connect to many other software and app providers without connecting directly.  Doshii sits in the middle and manages the flow of data. 

WaiterPOS integrates with Doshii Membership to boost your data-mining and membership capabilities.

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If there's an app or software you are interested in that is not listed, let us know by calling 0800 471 4888 or fill in the contact form and we'll get back to you on what's possible.