Stadium & Arena POS
Our complete Point of Sale solution is built to make your customers happier and you more revenue, which is ideal for busy entertainment venues such as stadiums, arenas and theatres.
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Choosing the Best POS for Your Stadia, Arena or Theatre

We understand that your stadium, arena, theatre, sports or entertainment venue has different levels of service and requirements, so we’ve designed our complete POS solution with speed, flexibility and simplicity in mind.


Stable & Reliable

We'll Keep You Operating

Our POS is what you call a peer-to-peer Point of Sale system which means it’s not cloud or server-based, so if your internet or servers go down, your POS keeps on operating normally. 


Have Absolute Confidence During Peak Times

Our systems will provide absolute speed, stability and reliability during peak times and when your stadium, arena or theatre needs it.   


Best Quality Hardware

We'll build your POS system to last using the best hardware brands on the market, such as Partnertech.  We are the POS supplier of choice for many large venues as our systems are built to endure harsh operating environments.


Adaptable Scaled Support

Just What You Need

Seeing as your stadium, arena, theatre or event-driven venue doesn’t need Point of Sale support all the time like a restaurant or bar would, we provide flexible, scaled support so you only pay for what you need when you need it.


Customised Support

We’ll design a support package including remote and onsite support specific to your venue needs so that you can pay for when you're operating, not when your not.


Additional Benefits

Support contract holders can also receive additional benefits including call-out discounts, loan and rental hardware, system programming, and maintenance.


Built For Speed

Obliterate Queues

Experience the lightning quick speeds of our Stadium Point of Sale system and obliterate queues by serving more customers, faster! Our Point of Sale systems are built for speed so that at your stadium, arena, theatre, entertainment centre or event-driven venue, your staff can maximise revenue taken at intermission or half-time.


From Customers to Guests

Serve and process orders for every level of customer, from in-seat ordering to your corporate guests, in the rapid time-frame required.

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Outstanding Stock Control

Utilise Recipe Costing

Our Stock Management software helps you to control stock-on-hand, stock sold and inventory planning through food, beverage and recipe costing. Identify items with the highest profit margin and stop selling those with the lowest. 


Powerful Reporting Capability

Our hospitality POS provides powerful reporting capabilities including cost and profit information per item, even down to the number of nips in a bottle.


Faster Stocktaking

For faster stocktaking, add a barcode scanner and set desired stock levels to activate automatic re-ordering.  Integrate our Stock Management software with your desired accounting software such as MYOB, Xero or Attaché.

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Simple To Use & Flexible

From Kiosks to VIP Areas

Install our hospitality Point of Sale solution at every level of your venue and enjoy the flexibility it provides for multiple types of menus and screen layouts from short, simple kiosk menus to detailed, creative menus for your corporate or VIP guest areas. 


Intuitive Interface

Train staff quickly with our easy, intuitive interface designed to handle any kind of order or sale including, but not limited to, food and drinks, merchandise, as well as in-box and in-seat ordering. 

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Membership & Loyalty

Exclusive Online Membership Area

Provide your corporate clients with an exclusive online membership area where they can wow their guests with beautifully branded invitations, receive event information and updates, collect guest information such as dietary requirements, customise the suite environment per the event, and receive venue communications. 

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Find out what our customers have to say

Our business management systems and support are making our customers’ lives less complicated and their businesses more successful. But don’t just take our word for it - find out what our customers Europe wide are saying.


Searcys, London

“PowerEPOS are everything we want in a supplier – their expertise, reliable solutions and ongoing commitment to service excellence is key to us as we re-open sites, handle changes and allows us to concentrate on the customer.  We know that if hardware breaks, VAT rates change or we need talk to an expert PowerEPOS are always there for us" 

Paul Hope, Head of Technology at Searcys


Fabric Nightclub, London

"We work with a lot of suppliers and PowerEPOS are one of the few contractors who make you feel that they really value your business. Jeremy, our main contact, is an absolute legend. If I send an email about something in the morning, it’s done by that night."


Deep Blue Restaurants

“PowerEPOS have grown with us as we have grown as a business. They keep on top of broader hospitality industry trends so they understand what our business is going to need in the future. Technology has changed at an expediential rate and continues to. I need to have the confidence that my EPOS supplier’s software will continue to integrate with the other software that I use in my business as this becomes more and more sophisticated.”

James Low - CEO Deep Blue Restaurants