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We understand the absolute importance of keeping you operating so we offer expert, reliable support and a range of payment options, to suit the requirements of your business.
We’re providing REAL help for hospitality & retail businesses

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Our customised support contracts are designed to keep you operating


PowerEPOS Support

PowerEPOS, our cloud-based POS software, includes phone and email support within the monthly subscription fee. This means there are no additional support contracts. PowerEPOS is brand new POS software, developed from scratch by expert developers using the latest coding techniques, resulting in less requirement for support throughout installation and ongoing.

We'll keep you operating

In the event of an issue, our number one priority is to keep your business operating so we provide POS support by phone and remote log in during and after business hours, access to loan equipment when required and on-site maintenance and troubleshooting, should you need it.

Saves you money

Your WaiterPOS support contract will save you money by providing you with discounted access to our friendly support technicians, discounted programming costs and callout fees. Without a support contract, pay-as-you-go calls to support are charged per minute and can get costly depending on the issue. We also have a fully equipped in-house workshop ready to tackle all your hardware repairs.


WaiterPOS Support

As we design your WaiterPOS system based on your business requirements, we do the same thing for your WaiterPOS support plan. That way, you only pay for what you need. Also, as a new WaiterPOS customer, or if you install an additional WaiterPOS site, you’ll receive free phone and email support for a whole month.

Saves you time

PowerEPOS support contracts provide you with priority assistance to assist you in getting back to normal operations faster. If you’re on WaiterPOS version 8 or PowerEPOS, you get access to updates and new releases and, in the event of an issue, our expert POS technicians can easily access your POS software via remote dial-in.

Improves your system knowledge

Our team of specialist technicians will help you to improve your understanding of your system, so you can run your business more efficiently. We’ll help you understand how you can use WaiterPOS and PowerEPOS to make more money and extract the right data to make quality decisions.


We Offer Training

Got new staff and need additional training or just need a refresher? We offer training and professional services to make sure you're skilled up to get the most value from your PowerEPOS POS system. Contact us for more information on our training services.

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Find out what our customers have to say

Our business management systems and support are making our customers’ lives less complicated and their businesses more successful. But don’t just take our word for it - find out what our customers Europe wide are saying.


Searcys, London

“PowerEPOS are everything we want in a supplier – their expertise, reliable solutions and ongoing commitment to service excellence is key to us as we re-open sites, handle changes and allows us to concentrate on the customer.  We know that if hardware breaks, VAT rates change or we need talk to an expert PowerEPOS are always there for us" 

Paul Hope, Head of Technology at Searcys


Fabric Nightclub, London

"We work with a lot of suppliers and PowerEPOS are one of the few contractors who make you feel that they really value your business. Jeremy, our main contact, is an absolute legend. If I send an email about something in the morning, it’s done by that night."


Deep Blue Restaurants

“PowerEPOS have grown with us as we have grown as a business. They keep on top of broader hospitality industry trends so they understand what our business is going to need in the future. Technology has changed at an expediential rate and continues to. I need to have the confidence that my EPOS supplier’s software will continue to integrate with the other software that I use in my business as this becomes more and more sophisticated.”

James Low - CEO Deep Blue Restaurants